LMS Summary TOC

By Wing - 7:25 PM

Note: these are summaries and not translations !

Volume 4
Volume 15
Volume 16
Volume 18
Volume 19
Volume 21
Volume 22
Volume 23
Volume 24
Volume 25
Volume 26
Volume 27
Volume 28
Volume 29
Volume 30
Volume 31
Volume 32
Volume 33
Volume 34
Volume 35
Volume 36
Volume 37
Volume 38
Volume 39
Volume 40
Volume 41
Volume 42
Volume 43
Volume 44

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  1. Volume 44
    seems to be linked to
    Volume 43

  2. go back in thread then open "44"

  3. no summary for lms vol 45?

    1. To tell you the truth - I don't need volume 45 or any future chapters anymore. It's pretty obvious how the story will end. Weed will become an Emperor that will win the hearts of even his enemies. It's pretty easy how he'll achieve such a thing as well. He even has a sister who has this overpowered teleportational art power. His Berserker is kind-of an overpowered "wife" in the game and is pretty much going to enough to face off any enemy in that comes there way. He'll end up rich and have 5% shares.

      To me,this story was over when the people who took his 3-billion won in the first chapter were sent to prison by some artificial intelligence. Weed's life is complete. I don't need this novel. I'll just 5-6 years till the webtoon reaches this point in this story. I mean, These webtoons are pretty much official spoiler if anything.

    2. Hmm I don't know about that. I think it's clear the writer is setting it up so that weed gains everything but has nothing. So I do agree with you that he will conquer the game but it wont be enough for him. Just like his master and the creator of the game; he will just put one goal after another and keep going only to find himself at the top while being lonely. The writer will probably have Seayona leave him after all his success were she ask. Isn't it enough just be with me we have enough? To witch he will of course say, No I need to work to make more money for....whatever reason.

      His sword master tried to open his eyes to the world outside of goals so that weed could live in the moment and enjoy having a more fulfilling life , of course it didn't work. Same thing for the game creator on his disappointment on weeds view on his time stop skill.

      The writer is clearly showing that weed will head down the path of those two, a path of greatness at the cost of everything else.

    3. I don't think that's what will happen. Seoyoon knows Weed's attitude and fell for him because even though he is mostly viewed as a callous man by the majority of his friends she knows that he is very kind-hearted. Also, we are talking about his sword master and his fellow disciples whose main objective is to follow the way of the sword and find a wife/girlfriend? They are just as bad as he is (in an amusing sort of way).

      I think that once he conquered the Versailles continent he will move to another one recently discovered with higher level monsters.

    4. hmmph! i never ask about your opinion did I? i ask if there is summary not your own speculation/prediction!

    5. Well, it's not a problem that he is trying to view or think about it in another way, is it? After all, you posted it in a comment section where people can reply and look at your comment.. Don't be so retarded and say such things, if you don't want others speculation, then why bother posting in a comment section... SMH

    6. in what volume did the loan sharks go to prison i think i may have missed that

    7. I'm not sure about the Load Sharks going to prison, but the Boss's Ai from the Unicorn Company, eliminated their corrupt organization because the Unicorn was protecting Weed from future problems that they may cause him. It's from Volume 34.

  4. Go to Royalroadl.com and read up on the fanfic Armus and //GO.Freenlancer if you're bored.

  5. Go to Royalroadl.com and read up on the fanfic Armus and //GO.Freenlancer if you're bored.

  6. http://trolllancer.com/ Link to one of the novels fantasy addict suggested.

  7. every link I clicked says my ip address is banned

  8. what volume does seoyoon move near lee hyun's house

  9. I want to read volume 47. But I can't search it anywhere !!! Where I find site ?

    1. you cant, since its nowhere, as in not out yet

  10. Where can I actually read vol 36

  11. here is link for volume 47

  12. There will come a time when Seo-Yoon will be NTRD by that Raybard-bastard and Lee-Hyun will weep.